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Stocked Food Brands

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Stocked Brands

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Dog and Cat Foods Available at Essential Pet

Don't see your food listed below? We have frequent updates, plus many other brands and varieties that are available on request - we order weekly, or can keep a bag in stock for you. Give us a call or email, we will be happy to discuss nutrition choices.

Just Arrived: Merrick Back Country - Raw Infused high protein, Merrick GF LID
Recent Arrivals: Whole Earth Farms, Zignature, Petcurean Now & Go, Answers raw
Coming Soon: Wild Pursuit, Tru Food, Annamaet, Core Air-Dried, RadCat Raw

Currently Stocked - July 2015:
Acana GF (Dog/Cat Dry)
Against the Grain (Cat Cans)
Answers Raw (Dog Frozen)
BFF (Cat Cans/Pouch)
Blue Buffalo (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Blue Wilderness (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Bravo Raw (Dog Frozen) 
California Natural (Cat/Dog Dry/Cans)
Canine Caviar (Dog Dry/Cans) 
Canidae (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans) 
Canidae Pure Grain Free (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Cats in the Kitchen (Cat Cans/Pouch)
Chicken Soup (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Diamond Natural (Dog/Cat Dry)
Diamond Grain Free (Dog Dry)
Dogswell (Dog Dry/Cans)
Earthborn Holistic (Dog/Cat Dry)
Evangers (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Evangers Hi-Bio (Dog Raw Dehydrated) 
Evo GF (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans) 
Fromm Classic (Dog Dry)
Fromm Gold (Dog/Cat Dry)
Fromm 4Star (Dog/Cat Dry)
Fromm Grain Free (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)

First Mate (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Fussie Cat (Cans)
Grandma Lucy's (Dog Freeze Dried)
Halo (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Holistic Select (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Honest Kitchen (Dog/Cat Raw Dehydrated) 
Innova (Dog Dry/Cans)
K9 Naturals (Dog Raw Dehydrated)
Merrick Back Country (Dog Dry/Cans)
Merrick Classic (Dog Dry/Cans)
Merrick Grain Free & LID (Dog Dry/Cans)
Merrick Purrfect Bistro (Cat Dry/Cans)
Natural Balance (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans) 
Nature's Logic GF (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans/Frozen)
Nature's Variety Prairie (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Nature's Variety Instinct & LID (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans/Frozen/Freeze Dried)
Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost (Cat/Dog Dry) 

Nutrisca GF (Cat/Dog Dry/Cans/Freeze Dried)
Nutri-Source Grain Free (Dog/Cat Dry)
Orijen GF (Dog/Cat Dry/Freeze Dried)
Petcurean Go! (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Petcurean Now (Dog/Cat Dry)
Pinnacle & GF Pinnacle (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Precise (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Precise Holistic/GF (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Primal Raw (Dog/Cat Frozen/Freeze Dried)
Pure Vita (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Sojo's (Dog Freeze Dried)
Solid Gold & GF Solid Gold (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)

Stella & Chewy's (Dog/Cat Frozen/Freeze Dried)
Taste of the Wild (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans)
Tiki Dog/Tiki Cat (Cans)
Tiki Gourmet Carnivore (Dog/Cat Cans)
Tripett (Dog Cans)

Wellness Core (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans) 
Wellness (Dog/Cat Dry/Cans) 

Weruva (Dog/Cat Cans)
Whole Earth Farms & GF (Dog Dry/Cans)
Victor/Grain Free Victor (Dog/Cat Dry)
Vital Essentials Raw (Frozen/Freeze Dried) 
Zignature (Dog Dry/Cans)
Ziwi Peak (Dog/Cat Raw Dehydrated/Cans)

Available by Special Order (weekly):
Avoderm/Breeder's Choice/Active Care
Bravo Chubs/Grinds (5 & 10lb tubes/cases)
California Natural GF
Deserving Dog Frozen
Great Life
Northwest Naturals Raw
Nutri-Source (regular)
OC Raw
Premium Edge
Rad Cat Raw
Wild Calling
ANY SIZES OR FLAVORS not on the shelf - special orders are not a problem!

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