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Professional Grooming - the difference
Our top priority is the saftey and comfort of your pet, and your satisfaction as a valued customer. We're proud of our groom shop - come look around, there is no hidden back room where the grooming gets done. We groom both dogs and cats.

Experienced Groomers
Our groomers have many years of experience, and can accomplish a range of styles and looks for your furry friend - not all dogs look great in the same groom. It only takes a few months of training to learn how to bathe and shave a dog...we have groomers who are compassionate, skilled, and truly love dogs and have pride in their work.
We are looking for an additional, experienced groomer to work PT. Please review our site, and if you think this is the place, please send your information, portfolio, or resume to essentialpet@aol.com

Cage-Free vs. Traditional Grooming
"Always" and "Never" are tough words - so we use them carefully. No one grooming experience is right for all pets and owners.

Express/Cage-Free Grooming
Cage-Free, also called "Zoom Groom" or "Express" service, means your pet will be handled by the groomer from start to finish, and never be put in a cage or crate to dry or wait. Some pets are very stressed by the cage itself, some by the busy groom shop environment, or by the actual process of being groomed. Express/Cage-Free naturally limits the dogs that can be done in a single day, and pets must be dropped off and picked up on time for the process to be adhered to. There is normally a small extra charge for this service. Some shops will have many dogs free-roaming in the shop, or ask you to sign waivers to allow your pet to mingle with others. While this may be fine 98% of the time, we don't want be responsible for the other 2%, and unless there is enough staff to provide a supervised, day-care environment, pets should have their own space. We do have a small fenced in area in the shop for short waits between grooms, but do not allow multiple client's dogs to roam free together.

Traditional Grooming
Most dogs have no issues with being in a kennel for short periods during grooming, and some actually prefer the security of a crate (cats especially). Exceptionally nervous or defensive dogs should always have a safe place to rest. There are dogs that stress over hand-drying, and a gentle all-over circulating cage dryer is more comfortable for them. We don't take in all dogs at once in the morning and keep them all day - we space them 2 or 3 at a time throughout the day, which limits cage time and creates a more relaxed grooming environment. Total grooming time varies between 2-4 hours, depending on many factors - we will give you an estimated pickup time at check-in.

Grooming Choice
All dogs (and owners) are different, and we are happy to offer multiple grooming procedures as they best suit you and your best friends. Let us know what you prefer, and we will do our best to make your pet's grooming experience a happy, safe, and comfortable one.

Grooming Prices
We believe in fair pricing - we are neither the most or least expensive groom shop you will find. We have starting prices by breed and service, just call us for a quote. Standard groom includes a bath, breed appropriate haircut, toenails, ear cleaning, and glands. We also offer a la carte services such as toenail trims and teeth brushing. We primarily use Show Season shampoos, which are some of the best, and also offer premium SPA packages with all-natural organic specialty products by Pure Puppy plus extra services - see the SPA Package link to to right.

Grooming Special Pets
Like people, pets are all unique individuals - we have experience with many special needs pets, and can discuss issues with you before grooming to ensure everyone has a positive experience. Special pets include:
Senior pets
Pets with medical issues
Pets fearful or unaccustomed to grooming (we do rescues)
Extremely matted pets
Cats - we all know they are special!
There are times when a pet's condition isn't compatible with the grooming style you prefer - we will discuss these issues with you up front, or call you if we feel your pet needs something different than you have requested.
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