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Parker, CO 80134
Retail hours : Mon-Sat 9-7, Sun 10-5
Self-Wash closes 1 hour before retail
Grooming by Appointment

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Care Sheets

We no longer have live reptiles or rodents for sale.
We will continue to have full line supplies,
including frozen rodents and healthy crickets.

There are habitats and other items for sale  - please check with us in the store for details.

Essential Reptile Foods and Supplies
Everything needs to eat, and reptiles are no exception. We offer every size and shape of frozen rodents, and encourage our customers to feed frozen if possible. It's more economical, convenient, and there is no potential for injury or other negatives for your reptile.

We stock convenient Bug Boxes of 25 S/M/L crickets that include food and water for approx one week. Unlike the big box stores, we get them direct from the farm weekly, so they are guaranteed fresh and lively. We also have live mealworms (regular, giant, and super) and waxworms. We can special order bulk crickets to ship with our weekly orders - please call for prices.

We keep a large stock of prepared foods, supplements, treatments, substrates, bulbs and other supplies to make keeping your reptile easy and fun.

Remember to think about the adult size and requirements of your new pet - will you be prepared to have a large enclosure and care time for creatures that will need it? We support responsible pet ownership - education prevents most need for rescue!

Reptile Setups and Equipment
We can recommend an appropriate sized habitat and equipment for your reptile - many items are available in the store, and many others can be special ordered within a week. Terrariums, screen tops, light and heat fixtures, UV fixtures, heat rocks, caves and dens, driftwood/grapevine, plants and other decor, misters, waterfalls, etc.
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