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Premium Pet Supplies  303-805-5451
Cottonwood Dr, 
Parker, CO 80134
Retail hours : Mon-Sat 9-7, Sun 10-5
Self-Wash closes 1 hour before retail
Grooming by Appointment

Grooming  303-805-5491

Dog & Cat Stuff
Tasty Treats and Nutritional Supplements
Lots of tidbits for good dogs and special cats! A few of our choices - Zukes, Wellbars, Pawsitive Gourmet, Old Mother Hubbard cookies by the pound, Dogswell, Pure Rewards, Evo treats, Natural Balance treats, Joint chews, natural rawhides, bones, ears, tendons, and bully sticks, dental chews and bones, to list a few. 

Fancy baked treats and locally made cookies to please the pickiest pooch.

We offer many choices in supplements, to address a variety of wellness issues and needs. Calming, joint care, kelp, Nupro, digestive support, copraphagia treatment, fish oils, and coat and skin supplements. We are happy to help you find what you are looking for - just ask!

Essential Daily Pet Stuff
Collars & Leashes, from basic to fancy, we carry the full line of Lupine - guaranteed even if chewed! Training collars - chain, prong, long leads, clickers, no-pull harnesses, halti and gentle leader headcollars, and more. 

TONS of toys - give them their own cool stuff, so they leave yours alone! Stuffed, squeaky, rubber, latex, rope, and super tough toys. Teensy toys for the diminutive dog, and whoppers for your Clifford! Sparkly, feathery, krinkly things to make your cat's day fun. 

Food dishes, from plain to fancy, food storage, and food/water dispensers for convenience. 

We have a large selection of grooming supplies - shampoos, conditioners, toothbrushes, dental paste/solutions, ear and eye cleaner, Furminators, slickers, brushes, combs, nailtrimmers, rakes...even bows and barettes if that's what you need to spiff up the pooch! 

Solutions for messes - many choices for cleaning up accidents, skunk-off, etc.

Problem solvers - products to discourage chewing, garden digging, etc. Both natural and traditional pest solutions.

Basic first aid supplies - bandages, pads, cone collars. 

Dog apparel for all occasions - coats, sweaters, and boots for winter, tanks, vests, and hats for summer.

Essential Equipment
Crates of every size - wire fold down, airline style, tent crates, and soft siders. 
X-Pens for travel and show. 
Ramps for those needing a little help into high places. 
Pet Carriers for small dogs, all styles and sizes. 
Lots of cushy beds, crate mats, and cots for the summer.
Cat furniture and litterboxes.

Dog strollers and travel gear - car harnesses, seat covers, travel bowls and packs. 
Retractable leads and temporary tie outs. 
Pick up tools for what your friend leaves behind... 
Books on breeds and training

Just about anything else you can ask about and we will order...

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