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Cottonwood Dr, 
Parker, CO 80134
Retail hours : Mon-Sat 9-7, Sun 10-5
Self-Wash closes 1 hour before retail
Grooming by Appointment

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Saltwater tanks

Small freshwater tanks

Med freshwater tanks

We no longer have live fish for sale.
We will continue to stock supplies
and RO water.

Remaining FW aquariums are for sale - please check with us in the store for details.

RO water is still available for maintaining your tanks.

Aquatic Supplies
We carry a broad range of products for maintaining your fish and aquariums - items you won't find in the big box stores, and typically more inventory than other fish stores. We have a variety of frozen diets for both fresh and marine species. We also have many dried, pellet, wafer, and flake food choices - from weekend feeders to species specific diets.

Some products and product lines we have on hand:
Seachem, Kent, API, Aquarium Systems, Ocean Nutrition, San Francisco Bay, Sally's, Hikari, Tetra, OSI, HBH

Cleaning tools, tubing in many sizes, valves, nets, heaters, lights, bulbs, pumps, filter systems, and replacement parts.

We can still order aquarium setups, and larger or more specific systems for both salt and freshwater - we are happy to provide competitive quotes, and most items can be on site in less than 1 week. This works best for items with large relative shipping costs.

Having trouble finding a specific part, water treatment, food, or replacement bulb? Let us know and we will do our best to help you find it.
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